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Vera Wang Style Ribbon with Pearl Earrings

You've seen it on tv, magazines, with celebrities wearing it on red carpet. The original Vera Wang piece costs $30,000. And now, you can own this high fashion designer inspired piece for a tiny fraction of the price, yet equally stunning!

Material: Zirconite set on sterling silver. ZIRCONITE® weighs 65% more than a real diamond. Therefore, the only way to tell the difference between the two is by weighing the unset stone. Once it is set, it is impossible for even a jeweler to tell the difference.  A few years ago, ABCs 20/20 news team took a high intensity cubic zirconia stone, as well as a perfect $50,000,000 mined diamond to the New York  Diamond District. After careful examination of the two stones an expert claimed that they were both so perfect that they must both be counterfeit!

Approximately length of each piece 2.8" long.

Our Price: $180.00

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